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Rack · Fixes

Wicked Lust

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Title: Wicked Lust

Show: BTVS

Pairing: R/D

Rating: NC-19

Warnings/Notes: Don't mind me, I'm all about Rack today, sorry. Set in my imaginary season 8. Character death.

Disclaimer: These are Joss' but he won't mind me borrowing them.

"Willow?" asked Dawn. "What was it like, with Amy and Rack and all of that bad magic?"

"Um, Dawnie. That's really hard for me to talk about, it was a really really bad time in my life." Willow stood and went outside to look at he ocean. They all lived in Tuscany Italy now.

Dawn let it go, for now but she needed to know more about Rack she just had to. Unbeknown st to all of them Rack had survived and found them all. Dawn first, and she was head over heals in lusty love.

The night he's stolen her virginity was both Dawn's best day and worst day ever. It was fresh in her memory, as fresh as the purple bruises that still ached her inner thighs and hips.

Frustrated with Willow's not giving her any information on him, Dawn's fingers trace her moistening folds through her jeans. Her breath intakes sharply. And she squeezes her eyes shut tight she tries not to scream and startle the others. She hears someone approach and pulls her hands off of herself.

"Hi Dawnie, what'cha doing?" Buffy says sweetly have no clue what is in Dawns head right now.

"Oh nothing." She answers her sister innocently. "I am going to go to a movie ok Buffy?"

Buffy nodded, "Do you want me to come with?"

Dawn grimaced at how to politely say no. "Um, Buff' is it ok if I go alone please, just this time.? I am a little over crowded by all the slayers and watchers in training here, can I please just have some me time?"

Buffy grinned. "I got ya. I understand. Go have fun. I love you. Be careful." She kissed Dawn's cheek.


His skin began to sing. "Baby girl. Hello, and here I thought Willow had the juices, but you holey shit! You are 10 times more enticing than she could have even hoped to be.

Dawn smiled. "And yet you give her a nickname and you don't give me one." She mumbled feeling hurt but too horny to care. "I want a special name too!"

"Honey Bee," he said without any hesitation. "You taste sweet like wild honey but you will sting if I'm not careful." he growled lustily. He leaped up from the floor and scooped Dawn into his arms, and crashed his mouth down upon hers so hard he hurt her a little, but she still opened her mouth to his wondering tongue. The skin now took it's turn at singing.

This thick clumsy fingers worked at the buttons of her jeans and in all the excitement he could not open the garment fast enough. A growl sounded deep in his throat. He went to his knees and bit at them pulling them off and spitting them on the floor. He tore the jeans to shreds in his rush. She in turn tossed her silk shirt to the floor as well, she wore no bra.

He wanted to savagely take her like he had done the first time, but something in him made him care enough not to hurt her that badly again. He ran his tongue in circles below her navel and into her sparse fuzzy foliage before dipping her inside. Dawn finally had a chance to let the scream go that she had so wanted to release earlier when shed used her fingers and imagined them his tongue.

"Ssssshhhhhiiiiittttttttt! He enunciated and grabbed his hair and yanked him closer. Throwing one knee over his shoulder.

TBC soon!
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On March 28th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC), scymnus commented:
I like Dawn demanding a nickname. I'm curious to see where this goes. Keep up the good work, babe. :)
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On March 28th, 2007 02:45 am (UTC), not_purrrfect replied:
Thanks hun.
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