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I'm back in the game! *grin*

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Hi fellow Rack lovers. *waves* I write and I draw. Well, I write and I'm learning how to draw. *sheepsih grin* not_purrrfect asked what I thought Rack was like at eighteen. I promised to draw him for her. I sketched some Racks that didn't work, and set them aside.

Today I started am 18 year old Rack, and I like him. I have to draw his background still, and everything will need to be inked and colored. He's drawn though.

I have ideas about Rack's past and what made him the way he is. I'll have a series of illustrated drabbles eventually. I'm writing (and drawing!) in the Buffy fandom, because of you [Bad username: not purrrfect] You sparked my imagination. Thank you! *hugs*
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