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For not_purrrfect, cause you rock!

Wow. He took a long time to draw. o_O Anyhow, here's Rack at 18, and the picture tells a story.


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Hi fellow Rack lovers. *waves* I write and I draw. Well, I write and I'm learning how to draw. *sheepsih grin* not_purrrfect asked what I thought Rack was like at eighteen. I promised to draw him for her. I sketched some Racks that didn't work, and set them aside.

Today I started am 18 year old Rack, and I like him. I have to draw his background still, and everything will need to be inked and colored. He's drawn though.

I have ideas about Rack's past and what made him the way he is. I'll have a series of illustrated drabbles eventually. I'm writing (and drawing!) in the Buffy fandom, because of you [Bad username: not purrrfect] You sparked my imagination. Thank you! *hugs*
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Title: Wicked Lust

Show: BTVS

Pairing: R/D

Rating: NC-19

Warnings/Notes: Don't mind me, I'm all about Rack today, sorry. Set in my imaginary season 8. Character death.

Disclaimer: These are Joss' but he won't mind me borrowing them.

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I wrote a L&O BTVS fic and got some nice comments and I wrote back to one gal saying something I think you'd giggle over so here is what I said.

"Maybe one more we need to vamp Elliot and Munch don't cha think? Let me know.

Thinks of vamp Munch and purrrs. LOL Munch the vampire! LOL LOL LOL

Still rather have Rack any day any time. I'd be all 7-11 for Jeff Kober. Ok must stop and take cold shower now."

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Do you have this one yet? I found it on goolgle but I forgot the site.
I will look.......


Oh here is the site.:http://www.misplaced.co.uk/uglybusiness/char.php

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This I snagged for you because you are/were and always so kind to me. I appreciate that.

Here ya go:

give scymnus more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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Author: scymnus
Title: Mischief
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Rack/Ethan other pairings
Rating: R
Feedback: yes please
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. Joss Whedon does.
Warnings/Squicks: Really fluffy and silly. But odd. Rather out of character. Slash, but nothing graphic in this one. Also implied het.
Summary: Ethan decides to spread some Christmas Cheer.
Notes: This takes place before School Hard, but the timeline doesn't much matter since it's fluffier than a fluffer nutter. Wesley’s here early, because the Council is pissed off at Giles. Oh and I gave Rack and Ethan a small house. You may ask how Dawn is there, but it's everyone's memory of what happened. Or something. *runs away*
Beta(s): No, but I spell checked.
Archive: Yes.
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